The textile Industry has always played a pivotal role in the industrial and economic growth of our state of Gujarat. The Garment sector of this industry, which has witnessed an accelerated growth over last few years, is still having tremendous potential for growth in today’s era. GGMA, established in 1990 with just only 150 members is now having over 1000 members as of date.

GGMA is fortunate to receive an able support both from state and central government. We have renowned fashion design institutes like NIFT providing excellent designers. Our visionary state government having realized the potential in the sector, has set up apparel parks at strategic locations and also planning for domestic apparel park which will go a long way in fueling the progress of the industry.

GGMA has also responded positively in providing social services in natural calamities like floods and tsunami in the state.

News Updates


There was EGM meeting in its was announcement of our New President Mr. Vijaybhai Purohit. And also the announcement of 17th GGMA Garment Fair on dated : 17th-18th-19th July, 2010.



Stall allotment for 16th GGMA National Garment Fair was completed by draw faction.



A meeting at GGMA office of all Committee members for discuss about 16th GGMA national fair & deiced stall allotment draw at 07-06-2009



Manjushri mill was selected among all four mils after surveying all places by GGMA committee & they had sent a report to industrial commissioner Mr.Sujitbhai Gulati.



A meeting was held with Vice President & Managing Director of GIDC Shri Arvindbhai Agrawal for build up of Apparel park.




18th Garment Fair, July 2011


GGMA is realy a geneun Assosiation, Where can every thing is going in perfect way, even after i joined in GGMA I show the far more profit then befor and from last some year GGMA doing some fentastic events which can make all traders a stand away then other all...